Friday, January 28, 2005

New Boss


Sounds like the opening for the next level for an arcade game. But no, it's not.

20th of January was CARMO's Change of Command Ceremony. With it, perhaps one of the greatest bosses that one can work with has left the organisation, to be replaced by his former deputy.

As TKJ (the new guy) mentioned in a meeting (one of his many) today, things will not be the same, and we cannot expect to have the same level of comfort as we had pre-20th.

Yes, i must admit, that perhaps i've been getting a little soft, but things were already getting busy for me, with HL on his way out. People from other agencies and branches of the Ministry have been directing their queries and arrows to me instead, although i must admit there ARE perks involved, such as more communication with the SO (SD)'s, who probably have to undergo some strict selection process, of which one requirement is to sound sweet and impossibly gorgeous over the phone.

But i digress.

TKJ is a tough man. When i first came in, he was already getting ready to leave in a few months. The seniors did admit that this was one chap who would work his subordinates hard and not pardon any laziness, but everyone shared the consensus that he paired this work-horse attitude with a care and concern that he rarely showed. He would give dinner treats (it had to be dinner, since everyone would work for him till late) to encourage and reward his staff.

The terrifying thing, is that as he came into power, he decided to implement a lot of changes as the new CARMO. This was done with a slight disregard for the personal side of the staff involved in the many shifts and movements in the office, both in physical space and work portfolio. As such, there are some who are already questioning his intentions and methods. i for one, am still reminding myself that he is a good man at heart, and has the best for the Army and AMS in mind. i just wonder how much i'll have to keep on defending him to others and myself.


Well, the wife is chasing me to bed. Probably will update this on Sat when i'm on call. Tmw should be a good day. It's the AMS aniversary, and we're all going to Downtown East for some fun and games. Hurrah.



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