Friday, February 11, 2005

Is there a doctor in the house?


Second day of the lunar new year. The year of the rooster.

We didn't go out today, or well, at least i didn't, after i got back from Nee Soon. Dad and Mom came over this morning, after which we had a late lunch at the house opposite (aka the in-law's), and then waited for the CG guyzzz to come over. It was a pretty good turnout, with only SF (as usual) not around. SM did come, and as incestuous as it may sound, she looked real hot in the top she was wearing. Shan't elaborate more on that. She is a good friend, and a good fellow Christian to have had in the group during the clinical years, so it's weird looking at her that way, but well... i should get her out for lunch before she gets married, and return the treat that she gave me before mine.

En's sister-gang came over as the remnant of the guyzzz were on the Xbox, and i joined them for a gossip session after they finally left. Nothing much there, though i just do remember feeling very sleepy, and thinking that the house had gotten too hot. It would be good to install an air-conditioning unit in the hall, but i don't think that'll be very cost-effective.

En's father's side of brothers and sisters came over to their house in the evening after dinner, with kids and all in tow. i spent most of the time playing with Zilun and his jie jie Charmaine, and it was pretty fun. i really do enjoy playing with kids, and holding them, and cuddling them (not to sound like a paedophile or anything), and some of En's aunties did see that as well, and went into the usual routine of asking us when we were going to have some of our own. "Perhaps the end of the year?" would be our usual reply. i can't even say for myself when we'll have kids of our own. It's fun to play with them, indeed, but to take on the responsibility of becoming parents is a whole different matter. Am i (or are we) willing to give up my free time, and sense of callousness to mature into one responsible for another's life? Toughie.

And i was called to play doctor twice tonight. The first was baby Joshua, who kept walking with a limp. His parents said that he had fallen down today, and had been walking like that since. i tried (not that i was called upon, but the overwhelming sense of responsibility kicked in...) to examine him, but he started crying (ok, i didn't make him cry. He had already started crying when his parents pointed out that i was a doctor and was NOT going to give him an injection... thanks a lot). i did advise them that it didn't look like much, but that if it continued to hurt and he continued to limp, they should go get an Xray done. i suppose that must have struck a chord, as they soon left when he refused to walk and bear weight.

The second occasion came later. Earlier on, leng jai (li bei's son) had asked what blood in the urine could indicate. Apparently his father had been passing gross haematuria throughout the day, associated with clots. Painless gross haematuria. A red flag indeed. Well, li bei did have many risk factors, of which years of smoking was probably the biggest. As we were taking some of the latecomers on another obligated tour of our house opposite, i was desperately summoned to go back to the other side to examine li bei's urine. He had taken a plastic bag with him to pee pee, and collected a big bag full when he pissed out blood again. It was warm (yes, i held the bag and sloshed it around to see if there were clots), dark, and looked like old blood. My money's on a lesion in the bladder, possibly a Ca. i hope i'm wrong though. i hope it's a stone in the bladder which they'll pick up on Xray at the A&E tonight. Or a kidney stone, though that's less likely.

Sigh... the hazards of being a doctor at family functions. Being called to examine people. i suppose i don't really mind giving the occasional medical advice or taking part in medical-related debates, especially if it's something simple enough, but being asked to examine someone (or someone's urine for that matter) on the spot is kind of a drag. But i guess (and En will probably gladly affirm that) this comes with quite a bit of respect, however misplaced.

A while later after li bei was sent off, Ah Mm called me over to see if Thomas' growth at the submandibular region was of any concern. Thomas obviously didn't want to draw attention to this small lump (perhaps a lymph node?), so it became awkward when she kept asking me to take a look at it. So i politely turned away. sigh.

Can't save the world, can you?

The Bachelor was on just now, and it was the episode where they bring together all the women who had been kicked out up to this point, and allow them to grill the lucky guy with questions. One impressionable segment was the part showing him on 3 individual dates and making out with all of them. On of the scenes showed him talking to the gal, with his arm around her and his hand on her butt/thigh. This was really a Club KBK scene indeed, and i couldn't help thinking how this was so similar to the KTV scene that one can easily get access to. Is that what girls in America are so willingly throwing themselves into? Gladly taking the roles of KTV lounge hostesses just to snag some guy? Sheesh... even the KTV girls have more self-respect than that.

Stupid americans.

But it does make good entertainment, and that's one of the 2 things they're good for isn't it, the other being sports?


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