Thursday, March 09, 2006

The return of the king


My my, what a long time it's been. It's the first day of the IT show aka PC fair today, and i'm waiting for Fong to drop by to take some pics before going off together to the show. But before i get there, perhaps a brief wrap up of the last 6 months since i made an entry?
  1. Made a few bucks from locuming, and refreshed a little on Paediatric Medicine for the current big project in my life.
  2. Bought a babe of a car, a nice bright sports-red Mazda 3 (basic of course, couldn't afford the upgrades) which is registered under the wife's name, for insurance purposes. Just realised that i haven't got a picture of it, but i suppose Mandy (as i would have liked to call her) has taken a backseat to current latest developments in my life. Hmm... she has also gotten quite a few scratches already, no thanks to the silly carpark in NUH which somehow managed to get cement on poor Mandy (just doesn't catch-on, does it? unlike Janine...) from the neighboring construction site.
  3. ORDed from National Service, with an A* of a grade for the past 2 years in the Army. This grade did go a fair bit in determining my starting pay back in NHG, so i suppose the proximity to the boss and special services afforded paid off.
  4. Started work back in NUH Medicine. (during these past few months, a few of my colleagues did start their own medical blogs, but were sadly later shut down voluntarily in view of the stand by the clusters on blogging by doctors... so that's all i'm going to write about it. )
  5. Had a baby. :)

Yeps, so that's baby Janine, aka Tan Kai Ning up there above. Pretty isn't she?

Anyway, since i'm having problems figuring out how to post more pictures of her in this site, i'll just have to do it manually. :)



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